NSO 2010 | Batch 40 | 9 AGUSTUS 2010

Good night and best wishes.
Meet again with our Batch 40.

This time our 40th Batch of the group wanted to tell the NSO Extraordinary Experience  today (9 AUGUST 2010)
The second day was not already held events in 2010 polkom NSO.
There are so many tasks that must be what we do, from the NSO hats, bags from the cardboard, and a lot that we had to sleep up to 4 Hours! Lol

But this time thanks to the NSO in 2010, we learn many things isa. Got lots of friends, and get new experiences. Although initially a little doubtful that we can do our job, but thanks to the trust and hard work, and full of laughter, emotion and sweat, we can do all these bills.

Hopefully our memories in the NSO in 2010 this time, with friends and family at the Polytechnic Telkom will never timeless.
Thank you.

Suggestion: We recommend that if you want to have around the village and community Baksos luggage in the toll on campus because it HEAVY!
Critics: More Wise again next year.



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